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Safety solutions :
  • All size fire fighting vehicules
truck fire aaa aaa aaa aaa buildings Automation solutions :
  • Terminal supervision
  • Automation and management system for loading facilities
  • Fluid monitoring systems
  • Stock management

Safety solutions :
  • Centralized detection and extinction management
  • Oxygen deficiency & as detection systems

Communication solutions :
  • Control station, intercom & public address
Bureaux Safety solutions :
  • Surge & lightning protection
  • Coolings systems
  • Fire extinguishing by gas for electrical and computer rooms
antenne lueur Safety solutions :
  • Fixed fire fighting equipments
borne Safety solutions :
  • Fixed fire fighting equipments
borne Safety solutions :
  • Fixed fire fighting equipments
borne truck 1 truck 2 Tank solutions :
  • Geodesic domes
  • Roof drain
  • Floating roofs, blankets and suctions
  • Tank gauging systems
cuves Communication solutions :
  • Weather & explosion-proof telephony (ATEX)
phone Safety solutions :
  • Portable gas detectors ;

Communication solutions :
bonhomme cuves de stockage de gaz. gas Loading solutions :
  • Marine loading arms
  • Flexible marine hoses
grue Safety solutions :
  • Fixed fire fighting equipments
lance Loading solutions :
  • Top & bottom loading arms
  • Vapor recovery systems

Automation solutions :
  • Electronic flow computer
  • Terminal identification (badge reader)
station Factory :
  • aaa
factory Communication solutions :
  • Warning sounders and lights
hp light alert bateau Loading solutions :
  • Product & water pumps systems

Advanced Products & Services

Advanced Products & Services is a French company based in Paris. We intervene in the coordination and execution of industrial projects in West Africa. We have developed our expertise on the Nigerian market. Our services fall into three key categories:
Auditing | Optimizing | Delivering

We combine the expertise and know-how of a network of European suppliers to integrate local, custom-designed solutions in the following sectors of activity: piping, electricity, instrumentation, automatism, communication in high-risk environments, and industrial safety.

APS also has an international buying department and a door-to-door logistics service. With offices in Paris and Lagos, APS has been offering state-of-the-art expertise for African industrial projects for the past ten years.

We audit

We are present with an African and French office with a mobile team ready to meet you,

Our technical partners travel every months to your office and on-site to better understand your needs,

We work on existing and new facilities in coordination with your team and partners.

We optimize

We are your one stop interlocutor to supervise the different requirements of your project,

We source and propose different makers, qualities and technologies to best fit your needs,

We design according to your objectives for better safety, supervision and performance.

We deliver

We group and oversee the shipping of your orders by sea, air and land,

We take care of clearing and delivery Door to Door to your office and your industrial site,

We organize training of your staff, commissioning and maintenance.



Some of our suppliers

Some of our references