Our solutions

We provide turnkey solutions for your industries

We accompany our technical partners in order to precisely evaluate your needs and establish estimates for the cost, time required, material and labor needs for your project

After agreeing on the terms, the material is sent with handling of customs formalities. The material is transported onsite, with commission guaranteed following installation.

Following this, your technicians can be trained to ensure the good functioning of equipment and carry out the first level of maintenance.

Automation solutions

Our automations answer to your needs in security and in fluid control for your oil terminals. Automation systems for oils terminals:

  • Automation and management system for loading facilities
  • Fluid monitoring systems
  • Stock management
  • Terminal identification (badge reader)
  • Electronic flow computer

Loading solutions

Equipment developed for the transfer of all types of fluid from a storage unit to another (tank to depot, depot to truck) composed of loading arms and pump systems. Our solutions adapt to your demand, the environment and the nature of the product, its tackiness, heat, density (crude, petrol, bitumen).

  • Loading arm for land
  • Loading arm for sea
  • Floating suctions
  • Flexible marine hoses
  • Scrapling

Tank solutions

Tank construction following international standards with all the technology associated.

  • Roof drain
  • Floating roofs
  • Floating blankets
  • Tank gauging systems
  • Geodesic domes

Safety solutions

For the safety of your personnel, your facilities and equipment, our preventive solutions, detection, protection and extinguishing solutions adapt to your line of activity and your sites.

  • Fixed and mobile fire fighting materials
  • Fire pumps systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Centralized alarm management
  • Fixed and portable gas detection systems for flammable gases and oxygen deficiency
  • Surge & lightning protection

Communications solutions

Systems designed for various industrial situations in order to insure your safety and support your productivity. Our robust solutions adapt to every environment, loud, explosive, tropical, sea.

  • Weather-proof & explosion-proof telephony (ATEX)
  • Custom built communications network
  • Intercom & public address
  • Control station
  • Warning sounders and lights